About Lewis

I grew up surrounded in a home full of music, photography and audio equipment; fascinated how cameras capture light and the unique properties of different wavelengths, at the age of 12 I became interested to learn more about the physics of waves through sound and light.

Before attending Dominican University, I worked on art projects digitally, whether it was shooting photos or rendering fractals. While in college, my core classes consisted of sculpture, painting, drawing, etc., I was encouraged to expand upon the media to create new pieces. For example, those fractals that would have just been printed on an inkjet printer could be used to make an etching for printmaking. Another class, which surprisingly helped with working digitally, was painting. Painting taught me about color theory in a different way from what I was used to in digital work. Color theory was so fascinating that I ended up doing my senior thesis on it. I wanted that piece, called Eyetone, to show how our eyes and brains play tricks on us when colors interact.

Back in high school, I was going through a phase where all music had to be loud (Ol’ Skool Chicago House music, of course) and being that young I didn't have enough money to buy a decent audio system that would be enjoyable to listen at high volume. The search was on for an inexpensive alternative. I started reading about different types of speaker enclosures which inspired me to design and build my own. With some birthday and Christmas money, I bought an 18" speaker and a sheet of wood. After building and testing my design, the results were stunning. This encouraged me to build and sell over 40 speakers to date.