Production & Media Profile

— Key Qualifications —

  • Audio Production & Sound Design: Skilled in designing and implementing acoustic and sound design plans for large signal output and recording audio for high profile events and projects.  

  • Video & Audio Editing: Serve as central point of contact in managing high profile design projects from concept to completion, including video filming/editing, creating video graphics, and streaming internet content/videos

  • Project Coordination: Skilled in coordinating all aspects of project life cycle, directing multiple tasks effectively and implementing leading-edge technologies to meet client demands and ensure organizational success.

  • Production Support: Demonstrated ability to transition from one critical task to another, addressing urgent / emerging needs in producing and generating video and audio content across different media platforms. 

  • Key Strengths: Finely tuned design and artistic skills with a dedication to understanding and improving work flow processes for large arts organizations; skilled in collaborating with colleagues and clients to achieve goals.

Educational Background

Dominican University, River Forest, IL
Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

~ Awarded Academic Scholarship / Recipient of Alice Welsh Art Skilling Scholarship ~
~ 15 art pieces submitted and accepted in local / national art galleries, including New York ~


Technical Proficiencies


Macintosh OS, Windows 7/10


Adobe CC (Photoshop, Premier, After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign), AutoCAD, Apophysis 7x, Terragen, Screen Flow, Livestream Broadcaster Pro, Fusion 360, Simulation CFD, Transmission Line by Leonard Audio, Hornresp, Mach 3, MS Office


Sony, Nikon, Canon DSLR / Video Cameras, Including custom Full spectrum converted (UV+Vis+IR) Camera, Various Lighting / Audio Recording Equipment, Projectors, Sound Reinforcement, Audio Mixers, Turning Point clickers, Crestron AV switches, Net Switches


CNC Machine, Wood shop tools (Table saw, Routers, Miter saw, and various hand tools)

Work History



Media Designer, 2015 – Present

Gaining in-depth understanding and hands on expertise in managing projects from initial concept to final project release. Work closely with peers/clients to create project vision, conceive designs, and stay on track to meet project deadlines and requirements. Utilize advanced design skills to direct creative design processes and complete project artwork. Motivate and direct peers to produce high-end video, trademark, and end product presentations.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Credited for completing three to five projects a week for both the school and clients, including creating finalized classroom and equipment tutorials while meeting demanding schedules.
  • Effectively translate subject matter by creating, editing and producing high-end video, artwork, advertisements, and promotional materials to support distribution across a wide variety of media platforms.
  • Designed numerous projects for clients where designs are reviewed and implemented by peers and faculty.


Photographer, 2014 – Present

Interface directly with magazine clients, artists and performers to photograph and record a variety of concerts and music festivals / performances. Conduct a five to 15 minute personal interview of the artist, producing /taking some 25-50 photos of the performers, crowd, and stage. Assist in completing a video/audio interview with each artist.  Circulate through the audience photographing the attendees and after the show taking pictures of groups of people and photos of the venue. Edit and submit all watermarked photos to the website 24 hours after the show.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Coordinated and conducted photo shoots and video interviews for such events and artists as Freaky Deaky, Midwest Freak Fest, Dada Life, Netsky, LNY TNZ, Dillon Francis, Excision, and 15+ other artists.
  • Research artists background and interests in order to conduct an intelligent and relevant interview while avoiding scripted questions in order to create a more authentic and accurate image of the artist. 


IT Support Center Adviser, 2012 – 2015

Executed a wide variety of IT support services, educating faculty and staff in using technologies and all lab resources. Setup audio/video equipment for on-campus events and lectures. Served as primary point of contact in evaluating system resources; building and refurbishing computers and updating software. Provided technical expertise in configuring and maintaining hardware resources. Worked closely with users to resolve network infrastructure connectivity issues. Trained peers/co-workers on software/hardware implementation.

Key Accomplishments:

  • Maintained IT asset inventories and campus locations to ensure effective repair of the equipment.
  • Instrumental in training university administrators, faculty, and staff in proper use of computer systems, videoconferencing, and video production operations.
  • Demonstrated high-level technical expertise in managing installation and testing of hardware and updates on all equipment across all university computer laboratories.
  • Responsible for installing and testing new technology products and improvements to lab systems. 

Additional Experience

Owner - Lewaro (2014 – Present) • Online Store, Frankfort, IL

Started and operate specialty store on eBay dedicated to making and selling specialized speaker cables and speakers, and simple sound reinforcement solution, designed and built in-house to meet strict requirements of working in harsh outdoor environments. Store currently holds a 100% positive feedback from all customers and shipment times, selling 40 hand built speakers and 120 cables.  

Customer Relation Manager (Summer 2014) • Currie Ford, Frankfort, IL

Interfaced with new customer to ensure complete client satisfaction with the new vehicle; answered client questions regarding financing and service; explained and demonstrated new car features to client.  

Photographer (Summer 2012 & 2013) • Currie Ford, Frankfort, IL  

Photographed and cataloged the dealerships inventory of 800+ automobiles; maintained and updated internal database and website on a daily basis. Developed a manual for using the Ford Sync interface.